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Our Mission

For more than 50 years, Meals on Wheels Diablo Region has improved the lives of vulnerable seniors living in Contra Costa County by delivering nutritious meals and supportive services that allow seniors to remain in their homes, safely and with dignity. As a full-service organization, we are dedicated to addressing all of the needs of the seniors we serve. In addition to meal delivery, we provide exercise and fall prevention classes, home safety modifications, elder abuse prevention, friendly visitors, callers and helpers, and the Breakfast Bag Program and the Grocery Bag Program for extremely food insecure seniors. Meals on Wheels Diablo Region is the only Meals on Wheels that delivers both meals and services to seniors in Contra Costa County. Thousands of people every year reach out to us for help. Whether it's for meal delivery or for supportive services, Meals on Wheels Diablo Region is more than a meal!

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